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Eco Green Friday – Explore our Sustainable Suggestions.

Green Friday, is the eco-friendly and sustainable version of the famous Black Friday sale. And we are taking it in our stride by offering 40% off some of our plant-based, vegan and cruelty free cleaning products starting from today the 25th November until 2nd December!

And with that, we thought we’d include some key must have products in our sale, so read below to get an insight into some of our recommendations.

Working through the range we have a variety of products to meet your needs. Firstly, starting with the laundry, we have our Tallow Free Purity Fabric Conditioner, as we all mainly use it to ensure that our clothes maintain a soft feel while doing our laundry. It’s cruelty-free & vegan must have! Along-side that we have the Ecoball, our cure for sustainable washing. Of which we’ve included our Fragrance Free & wonderful Natural Blossom options. Ecoballs, are one of our longstanding products, and we are very proud of them. Within the Ecoball, there are two types of pellets in inside, the brown to break down the surface tension and the white to remove stains and act as your general laundry detergent. These two little pellet types make a dream team when paired filling your house with clean, fresh washing.

Eco Green Friday Ecoballs Blossom Eco Green Friday Ecoballs Fragrance FreeEco Green Friday Fabric Conditioner

We have some key products that have cleaned their way into the hearts of everyone’s home so far, that being the kitchen. The Multi-Surface Cleaner, a versatile cleaner that is suitable on a variety of surfaces and areas around the home. It’s got a great refreshing scent and works to eliminate all kinds of bacteria from these surfaces. Following on from this, what could be more satisfying than clean dishes? Our Washing Up Liquid is not only bio-degradable but it breaks down tough grease, and has a powerful foaming action that helps to leave your dishes squeaky clean as well as filling your kitchen with the energizing smell of orange blossom and coconut.

Eco Green Friday Multi Surface Cleaner

Eco Green Friday Washing Up Liquid

Now onto the bathroom, there are many products at 40% off that can put a spring in your step, and help you deal with some of the more draining and dawning cleaning tasks in that area of the home. When you start noticing the water draining away slowly, the dread that you are ultimately filled with at the thought of having to unclog your drain. However to tackle this, we have a powerful plant-based product that uses enzymes to powerfully cut through the grime and soap scum build-up, all while doing the impossible task of dissolving hair by the name of Concentrated Plughole Hair Unblocker. Our Forever Flush, is another product that is discrete and so very easy to use. You simply unwrap the product and pop it into the toilet cistern, and that’s it! This powerful product, will keep your toilet clean and limescale free, while smelling fresh for up to 2000 flushes.

Eco Green Friday Drain UnblockerEco Green Friday Forever Flush

So, with that, why not head over to Ecozone Direct and explore amazing eco-friendly products at even better prices with 40% off.