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Ecozone’s specially developed dishwasher deodoriser helps to neutralise nasty odors and ensures a long-lasting, refreshing citrus smell in your dishwasher every time. All you need to do is simply hang it from your dishwashing rack and replace it after approximately 60 wash cycles. With two in a pack you’ll be covered for up to 4 months at a time.

Use in conjunction with any Dishwasher Tablet or Capsule from the Ecozone range and Ecozones Rinse Aid.

  • Neutralises odours for a fresher smelling appliance
  • Leaves a long lasting lemon & lime scent
  • Lasts around 60 wash cycles

Size: 2 units
Product code: DDEO2

  • cruelty free

    cruelty free

  • eco friendly

    eco friendly

  • palm oil free

    palm oil free

  • plant based

    plant based

  • septic tank safe

    septic tank safe

  • aquatic life safe

    aquatic life safe

  • biodegradable packaging

    biodegradable packaging

  • wheat free product

    wheat free product

  • vegan

    No animal ingredients

  • nature watch

    For the advancement of animal welfare

  • peta approved

    PETA Approved

  1. Remove the deodoriser from the packaging. 2) Hang it from the rack in the dishwasher. Ensure it does not interfere with the spraying arm and is away from the heather. 3) Replace the deodoriser when the beads stop releasing a fresh fragrance.

How to use Ecozone product dishwasher deodoriser

Ecozone Ltd does not assume any responsibility for damage resulting from using this product.



Packaging – Recyclable

PET/ Co-pp/pet/pap

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