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Ecozones Tap and Showerhead Descaler is a powerful non-drip formula that clings to all surfaces while actively working to dissolve limescale build-up in those awkward and tough to reach areas. This easy to use gel comes with a reusable brush for application. To apply, simply squeeze the solution out of the tube directly on to the brush and paint the gel on to the affected areas leaving it to work its magic! After 2 hours, lightly scrub away any remaining build up with the sponge that’s also provided in the pack. The result? Sparkling tapware, surfaces and fixtures that look as good as new.

A non-abrasive formula suitable for vertical surfaces, wall-fitted showerheads, glass shower screens, ceramic and plastic suites.

  • Actively dissolves lime deposits in hard to reach areas
  • A non-drip gel formula
  • Suitable for use in problem areas all over the home

  • vegan friendly

    vegan friendly

  • cruelty free

    cruelty free

  • eco friendly

    eco friendly

  • palm oil free

    palm oil free

  • plant based

    plant based

  • septic tank safe

    septic tank safe

  • aquatic life safe

    aquatic life safe

  • pet friendly

    pet friendly

  • wheat free product

    wheat free product

  • allergy friendly

    Allergy friendly

  • not tested on animals

    Not tested on animals

  • vegan

    No animal ingredients

  • nature watch

    For the advancement of animal welfare

1) Brush the gel directly onto the limescale. 2) Leave for 2 hours. 3) Then wipe off with the sponge provided. 4) Rinse with warm water. 5) Repeat if necessary.

tap showerhead descaler how to use

Ecozone Ltd does not assume any responsibility for damage resulting from using this product.

If this product holds the Pet-Friendly Icon, it is safe to be sensibly used around animals at home. No product should be consumed by animals and if this instance occurs we advise you to contact your veterinary practice.

Aqua, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Phosphoric Acid, Malic Acid, Alkyl-Dimethylamine N-oxide.

Packaging – Recyclable

Lid: PP / Tube: HDPE / Sponge: Polyurethane / Brush: Natural and synthetic.

Please check local recycling