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Ecozone’s Ultra Shower Cleaner is one of our most effective formulas to remove the toughest of limescale, mould and leave streak-free surfaces across the entire shower & bath area. Suitable for wet rooms also, this cleaner can simply be used twice a week or after the last shower of the day, by leaving overnight on surfaces and rinsed off by the shower head or during your next shower.

Can be used in conjunction with Ecozone’s Bathroom Microfibre Cloth if scouring is required.

  • Tough on stubborn limescale
  • Cleans & provides protection against mould regrowth
  • Polishes & shines all surfaces

  • vegan friendly

    vegan friendly

  • cruelty free

    cruelty free

  • eco friendly

    eco friendly

  • plant based

    plant based

  • septic tank safe

    septic tank safe

  • aquatic life safe

    aquatic life safe

  • pet friendly

    pet friendly

  • not tested on animals

    Not tested on animals

  • vegan

    No animal ingredients

  • nature watch

    For the advancement of animal welfare

Sodium Citrate, Dehydol LT7, Citric Acid, Vinkocide BIT20G ,Glucopon 215, Dissovline GL38, Fragrance Green Spa, Albion 916, Benzalkonium Chloride.

Packaging – Recyclable

PET 1 – 100% from recycled

Please check local recycling