A Bathroom Checklist For What You Can and Can’t Flush

A Bathroom Checklist For What You Can and Can’t Flush

Trying to be a sustainable consumer doesn’t stop at the products you buy. How you dispose of your waste can also make a huge difference to your impact on the planet. For example, it can be tempting and feel seamless, to flush your rubbish down the toilet – once it’s gone down the loo it disappears forever, right? Well, not quite.

When waste that shouldn’t be flushed, is, it can cause blockages to our waterways, contaminate water and be damaging to a whole host of creatures. Don’t panic, Natracare are here to help with a comprehensive checklist for exactly what you can and can’t flush.

What you can flush

There are very few things that you should put down your toilet, these (almost) fit within the 3P’s:


It’s, of course, okay to flush your pee down the toilet – that’s what they’re designed for.


Similarly, your poo is also suitable for flushing. Phew!


Paper is the only other waste you should flush down the toilet. The paper that you flush should only ever be 100% tissue paper, so no newspapers, magazines, tissues, or wipes. Toilet paper can be flushed, but if you’re somebody who likes to use toilet wipes, they should never be flushed. Toilet wipes are often made from plastic and cotton cloth – neither of which come under the 3P’s or will break down after flushing. Please always bin and never flush your wipes – even if they’re labelled ‘flushable’!

If you do prefer the fresh feeling of toilet wipes after using the loo, you’re in luck. At Natracare we’ve designed a Safe to Flush Moist Tissue, that cleans your bum just like a wipe, but is made entirely of paper and certified Fine to Flush by Water UK. Only moist tissues certified by Water UK as Fine to Flush are truly flushable, so please bin any that aren’t.

safe to flush wipes

Non-toxic, aquatic life safe toilet cleaner

The toilet cleaners you use also end up being flushed down your loo, so it’s best to choose one that’s free of bleach and other toxic chemicals. Ecozone’s toilet cleaner formulas are all the above, as well as cruelty free, vegan, aquatic life safe, and biodegradable. These are all factors to look out for when choosing your toilet cleaner.

what you can and can't flush

What you can’t flush

Put simply: literally anything else. Only the items listed above should be flushed down the loo, under any circumstances. We know this might come as a shock if you didn’t know, so here are some examples of things you might’ve once thought were flushable, but aren’t:


As we’ve just covered above, you should never flush wipes, even if they’re labelled as ‘flushable’. Wipes are a huge contributor to the fatbergs often found in sewers. The only truly flushable wipes are those certified as Fine to Flush by Water UK, like the Natracare Safe to Flush Moist Tissue.

Ear buds

Ear buds might seem tiny, but they can cause big problems if they’re flushed. We recommend getting yourself a reusable version or sticking to binning them after use.

Period products

Under no circumstances should you ever flush tampons or pads. They will not break down quickly enough and can cause serious blockages. What’s more, most conventional brands are filled with plastic and artificial fragrances that shouldn’t enter our waterways. Even if you use plastic free and compostable period products like ours, they should never be flushed down the toilet.


Condoms are not made to break down easily, which is fantastic from a sexual health perspective. However, this makes them unsuitable for flushing, so you should always remember to bin condoms, not flush them.

This World Toilet Day, we want to encourage you to think before you flush, and remember the 3P’s. Here’s more on the difference between toilet paper, wipes, and the Natracare moist tissues!

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