Allergy Friendly Cleaning Guide

allergy friendly cleaning

Allergy Friendly Cleaning Guide

This week is Allergy Awareness Week, the annual event organised by Allergy UK to spread awareness of allergens, symptoms and ways to prevent them. There are many potentially threatening allergens lurking in our homes, so having a regular cleaning routine is essential. However, some products can also trigger allergic reactions, so it’s important to choose the right ones.

Check out our guide to allergy friendly cleaning below to keep your home clean and safe for allergy sufferers and those with sensitivities.


Many common cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that linger in the air and can cause breathing difficulties. Bleach and ammonia increase the risk of developing COPD (chronic obstructive respiratory disease), and shouldn’t be used at home. To avoid toxic formulas, opt for ones that swap some of the chemicals for plant-based ingredients instead. Our range of sprays, liquids, pastes and wipes are all tough on dirt, limescale and residues without using these harmful and toxic chemicals.

Allergy friendly dishwashing

Washing dishes is an everyday necessity, but regular contact with washing up liquid can cause skin reactions and irritate conditions such as eczema. Our Allergy UK-approved Sensitive Washing Up Liquid is fragrance and colour free, perfect for those who need something a bit gentler on their skin. Despite its sensitive nature, the biodegradable formula is long-lasting and provides excellent cleaning power on for all sorts of dishware. Most of our Dishwasher Tablets and Rinse Aid also have the Allergy-UK seal of approval, so they’re a sensible choice if you or someone in your family has allergies.

allergy friendly washing up liquid

Allergy friendly laundry

Chemicals in common laundry detergents remain on clothes long after a wash cycle, so it’s no surprise that many people struggle to find a solution that doesn’t cause aggravation. The skin absorbs what it comes into contact with, so any chemical cleaning agents are likely to cause irritation. We’ve got loads of alternatives to try, like Ecoballs, which use the power of natural minerals and plant-based ingredients to lift dirt from fabrics. There’s also the organic, responsibly-sourced Soap Nuts, completely natural berries that grow on trees and contain a natural soap called saponin.

allergy friendly cleaning


Mould is a key aggravator of allergies in the home. To prevent it, keep rooms ventilated by opening windows while cooking and showering. Our Damp, Mould & Moisture Trap helps to protect against this common issue by absorbing excess moisture in the air and maintaining optimum room humidity between 45-55%. To tackle existing cases, try the antibacterial and bleach-free Mould Remover, which is great for bathroom sealant, grout, windowsills and other mould-prone surfaces.

Washing machines are a great breeding ground for mould, which can transfer onto clothes during washing and cause a reaction when it comes into contact with skin. After use, wipe down the rubber seal to dry and keep the door and drawer open between washes. Use our Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner tablets frequently to help make sure machines aren’t harbouring any dirt that can lead to mould growth.

mould remover

Dust Mites

Dust mites can also contribute to allergies such as asthma, eczema and hay fever. The tiny creatures live in soft furnishings and thrive in humid environments. Keep rooms well ventilated and wash bedding, cushion covers and children’s toys often. The Ecozone Dust Mite Stopper works by eliminating the bugs’ food source so that they are kept away. Just one application keeps dust mites at bay for up to six months when paired with a regular cleaning regime.

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