Compostable Cleaning and Laundry Products

compostable cleaning products

All About Composting

It’s International Compost Week! Although it might not sound that exciting, composting has so many benefits for the planet and can actually be pretty fun to do. It’s the most eco-friendly way to get rid of garden and food waste, as it doesn’t involve all the transportation that comes with council collections, and can help your garden bloom and blossom like never before. Read all about composting below, and find out about our compostable cleaning and laundry products…

What is compost?

Compost is a soil-like substance which is made by piling up organic matter and letting lively microbes break it down until it’s ready to use in your garden. Because it’s made up of organic material, it’s full of nutrients that would usually go to waste. Think of composting as a circular process: taking from nature to give back to nature.

Why compost?

Plants love compost. For starters, it makes soil more fertile and efficient, protects against plant diseases, retains moisture and adds important nutrients to soil. Compost has loads of benefits for the wider environment too. Composting food and garden waste saves valuable space in landfills, where it would usually rot and release methane and carbon dioxide. It also reduces carbon dioxide in the air, as plants absorb the gas to feed microbes in compost. At a local level, water retained by compost seeps into the ground and eventually helps replenish springs, ponds and lakes.

What can be composted?

Compost is made up of two types of waste: green and brown. Green waste consists of things like grass, food waste and coffee grounds, and provides nitrogen to the compost. Brown waste is needed to provide carbon and consists of things like twigs, branches and dead leaves.

Did you know that our Soap Nuts are a completely compostable laundry detergent? They’re natural and organic, and grow on trees in exotic climates. Each nut can be used multiple times, but when they’ve run out of their natural soap, you can add them to your compost heap or food recycling bin.

compostable laundry products

How to compost

Find a suitable compost bin and place it in a shady spot in your garden. Fill it with a small amount of soil then add your green and brown waste. Alternate the layers and try your best to strike an equal balance between the two. Add some water and keep a lid on the bin to keep moisture in, which will help everything break down faster. Turn the heap with a spade about once a month to add air. It can take anywhere between 6-24 months, but it’ll be ready to use when it looks like a dark brown soil and smells like damp woodland.

So, will you be trying to make your own compost this year? Don’t forget that our Caddy Liners are great for collecting food waste and are fully compostable, too!

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