Dishwasher Rinse Aid: Why Use It? Series 1

Dishwasher Rinse Aid Why Use It

Want to know more about Dishwasher Rinse Aid and why it’s used?

We’re starting a Why Use It? series to explain more about our cleaning products and why you may need to use them around the home.

Dishwasher Rinse Aid Why Use It?

Our first in the series covers Dishwasher Rinse Aid. What is it? Why use it?

What is it?

We all know what Dishwasher Tablets are. It’s simple… detergent that usually comes in tablet form, that goes into the dishwasher and is then dispensed at a certain point in the cycle to help clean the dishes. But next to those tablets on the supermarket shelves you might find a little bottle of something called Rinse Aid. As a matter of fact it isn’t designed for helping to rinse dishes in the rinse part of the cycle, it’s more for helping to dry dishes more quickly among other things. Rinse Aid usually contains surfactants, citric acids & alcohol as key ingredients that work to make this process happen. You simply pour some of the liquid solution into the rinse aid reservoir in the dishwasher and you’re good to go!

Why use it?

Most people use it as it’s great for reducing water marks left on dishware and glasses that occur once the cycle has finished. Water marks are caused by minerals in the water. These minerals leave a feint white chalky look on surfaces in a droplet like shape as it evaporates. Sometimes these left over marks can be a nuisance to remove and takes a bit of buffing and elbow grease if you try once dried with a tea or paper towel.

Dishwasher Rinse Aid


We suggest using Rinse Aid to create a sparkling finish to your Dishwashing loads. Combined with Dishwasher Salts and a good performing tablet, you’ll have dishes that are good to be stacked away, right away! Ecozones Dishwasher Rinse Aid is made from a plant-based formula that dries dishes quicker and removes those water marks, smears & streaks all without toxic chemicals. This great product is Allergy UK endorsed and is also safe for septic tanks!

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Dishwasher Rinse Aid


Dishwasher Rinse Aid