Earth Month & Its 50th Anniversary: How Eco Cleaning Products Matter!

Ecozone Earth Day Post

Earth Month & Its 50th Anniversary: How Eco Cleaning Products Matter!

What is Earth Month?

50 years ago, on the 22nd of April, the people of America took to Streets, Cities, Campuses and more to protest for the environment and the ignorance by many shown towards it. This was the start of Earth Day, as well as Earth Month.

For its 50th Anniversary, this year is dedicated to Climate Action. Climate Action is defined as humanity making stepped-up efforts to reduce green house gas emissions and to reduce their carbon foot print in many ways. This can be from the every day peoples personal decisions to businesses and manufacturers “greening up” their processes, to governments taking a better stand on this topic for its people, its country and the world. It is extremely important for us to start taking action now, educating many on how even small things can have a large impact on the world and its environment. Earth Day has curated plenty of online materials to show you how to take part to live in this April’s digital event during this #stayathome period.

How does Ecozone consider Climate Action?

Ecozone over 20 years ago, was formed around a drive and love for protecting our Planet our Health, and our Homes, ensuring that we were only filing those spaces with safe, Vegan, Cruelty Free and environmentally sound eco cleaning products. This ethos and mindset is still the drive behind our products today! Changing the products in your household to something more sustainable, can be a small something that you do develop more mindful awareness and approach when cleaning and the environmental impact cleaning supplies can have on the environment. We have many eco cleaning products that are actually plastic free or biodegradable in their packaging (for a more zero waste lifestyle) and create everything with a general sustainable approach, while also inventing innovative products that will reduce time, energy and provide you with ease.

What does Ecozone mean by “a more mindful approach to cleaning”?

Sure, it’s easy to just pick up a cheap chemical product from the supermarket shelf and begin cleaning your home with it. But have you ever considered what those chemicals are? How they may affect your health, environment or even your appliances long term? We want our users to develop a better attitude to selecting general cleaning products, understand what’s in them and pick something that you know has your best interests at heart and will try its best to protect you, your home the planet when used.

Another example is how easy it is to clean your home with quick fixes like disposable cleaning wipes, but did you know that most wipes aren’t biodegradable? They stick around for a very long time and wreck havoc on our sewage systems if flushed. And let’s not get started on much needed products like Bin Bags, most again, don’t compost, aren’t recyclable or biodegradable… We’ve found a solution to that and want all to consider choosing a more sustainable product rather than a cheap roll of plastic materials. We want you to think mindfully when selecting but also want to make it easier for you too by providing straight forward information and a wide range to choose from.

A few products for thought:

As mentioned, educating others to have a more mindful approach to basic cleaning gestures is a key consideration when developing Ecozone Products such as; putting thought into what you spray your counter tops with when cleaning, likewise is the thought on innovation when it comes to each product design, we want to create as many long lasting products that aid in sustainable behaviours and attitudes towards consumption.

Ecozone’s Dishwasher Ultra Tablets – A daily use product are an effective and powerful formula that safely cleans your plates and is septic tank safe, the tablets are also encased in a corn-starch film that is completely soluble which means the packaging is Plastic Free & Biodegradable. The formulation breaks down all the dirt and grease build up, needed for an effective clean. Nothing left & #ZeroWaste.

Eco Cleaning Products Ecozone

A new product that Ecozone will be launching shortly is our Lint Remover – In exchange to the paper/sticky lint rollers that you have to throw each sheet away, we have come up with a sustainable version that can be used over and over again and can be recycled at the end of its life. What also makes this product different is that it is self-cleaning! It comes with a counterpart that you can slot the Lint Remover Wand into which all dirt, hair, and lint is transferred and collected in the bottom tray. Highly recommended if you’re after a long-lasting product!

Eco Cleaning Products Ecozone

Our DryerCubes – Another long-lasting product and a great option to reduce energy and time. You pop them into your dryer along with your laundry, they cause your washing to separate more during the cycle essentially allowing heat to travel through, this ensures everything dries quicker so less energy is used per cycle. The cubes were also designed with special nodes on the surface to sort of massage the fabrics, the material in turn softens up and becomes more relaxed resulting in wrinkle-free clothes.

Eco Cleaning Products Ecozone

Regardless of the products above, there are loads of small ways that you can help the environment this Earth Month, with hopefully resulting in a permanent and long-lived change in mindset from; growing your own veg, to walking more often, refraining from buying into fast fashion, the list is endless!

Don’t forget to tune into a digital Earth Day event on April 22nd to show your support.