Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas: Tips and Tricks Series 2

Eco-friendly Christmas

Want more ideas on how to create an eco-friendly Christmas this year?

Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas

Eco-Friendly Christmas Ecozone



When it comes to decorating, we think about baubles on the Christmas tree, the presents underneath, the cards that would tend to fill our living room and decorations everywhere. Well, this year we’re giving tips on more of a sustainable stance. Why not create edible Christmas tree decorations such as gingerbread? This is a great activity to do with children or friends and it makes your Christmas tree unique. You could also purchase wooden decorations that are more easily recycled while giving a calming neutral feel to the home.

Besides all the usual decorations, a large amount of decorative wrapping paper contains plastic making this extremely hard to recycle, so let’s go back to basics by wrapping your presents in craft paper, yarn or natural fibred bows, which happen to be highly recyclable or more easily degradable. You can top off your simple yet effective decoration by adding a sprig of real holly or dried scented fruit such as orange slices or a cinnamon stick.

You can also take advantage of being kind to the earth, by grabbing solar lights instead of normal energy/electricity guzzling lights. Many think, that due to the sun not being out so often that they won’t work, but that’s not the case as long as they are exposed to light, they’ll be bright as ever. So, use the natural resource of light to assist you in your eco-friendly Christmas.

If you’re one that’s all about the faux trees for ease, despite being able to keep them for years on end which is a plus, the manufacturing processes and limited recycling options can mean that plenty of plastic trees end up in the dump. If you’re thinking about making the commitment to switch to a real tree because of this, there are few things that you can do to ensure you are being the best environmentally. For example, making sure that it is FSC certifiably grown and when you are done with it, let it either biodegrade or drop off at a proper recycling centre, or to help the planet a little more by purchasing a potted tree and then re-planting in your garden for the following year.

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Gift giving is a very large part of Christmas for many families and friends. The best ideas can be coming up with something that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and Vegan that they will need and will use throughout the year. A series of gifts could include some beautiful House Plants, they allow you to brighten and decorate your home, and some are suggested to promote a happier and healthier mind while purifying the air indoors.

Wooden toys are great for the young and the old. Due to the durability of wooden toys, they are able to be reused time and time again so consider getting these so that many can enjoy it for years to come.

You can also get crafty this Christmas, and instead of buying someone a new blanket to curl up under in these cold months, why not grab the opportunity to knit and design your own throws, allowing you to be sustainable but also create something personalized and well thought about. Think about items that are really needed for example, organic and sustainable clothing which tend to be gentler on all types of skin types or something to invest in like our Ecoballs, they are reusable laundry detergent balls. Our starter pack gives you 1000 washes, allowing you to be sorted for about a year on average for most households.

Last year, according to Imperial College London, 1.5 billion Christmas cards were thrown away, which undeniably has a negative effect on the environment. To better your footprint, send an Ecard? Alternatively, why not use tree cuttings to create a unique personalised card this year?

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Whilst everyone knows and loves the ease of paper plates and plastic cups especially when you have lots of people around, in comparison to the daunting task of washing and cleaning up after everyone which can be something of a pain. Why not use reusable dishes from this year forth, allowing you to cut down on the amount of rubbish you send to the landfill. If you don’t have enough at home or worry about the consequence of letting your ‘merry’ guests use yours at a casual house party, why not ask them to bring their own plates or bring a cooked dish for the feast so that you don’t have to spend hours rotating dishware for all the cooking. Wooden chopping boards also come in handy for platters – so you don’t need to go shopping for brand new items in the sale that you’ll hardly use again.

 Another sustainable and decorative option when hosting could be that of an organic table cloth that can be reused time and time again and can be decorated with lots of naturally grown flowers, this allows you to maintain a sustainable yet beautiful Christmas.

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Ecozone’s Soap Nuts are a great option for cleaning at this time of year as these little berries can tackle a lot of the different household cleaning tasks. You can pop them in with your washing, you can boil them up in order to create a Multi-surface Cleaner, and even create Hand Wash. This is allowing you the freedom this festive period, to know that you have everything covered in just one product. Amazingly they are biodegradable at the end of their life!

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Lastly, at Christmas, it can be important for some to be around family and friends. If travelling, why not find a sustainable way of doing so. When going back to say a family home or to events, public transport is a great way to travel for long distances across cities (be weary of altered timetables of course). You can also lift-share, and tag along with your mates/family members in the same cars allowing you to save money and save on your carbon footprint, and you get to spend more time with your loved ones. Every little contribution or lift share could have a big difference in the long run. Or if you can plan ahead and prep for a walk or family bike ride if public transportation is down.

Check out the Ecozone range allowing you to continue your ecofriendly, sustainable and vegan journey this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the Ecozone team!