Eco-friendly Laundry Guide

eco friendly laundry

Eco-friendly Laundry Guide

Making sense of the many different laundry products available can be a challenge, from figuring out the difference between bio and non-bio detergents to understanding exactly where the ingredients in your fabric conditioner come from. At Ecozone, we pride ourselves on the variety of our eco-friendly laundry range, so we’ve put together the useful guide below to help you navigate what to use, when.

Laundry Detergent

When it comes to most laundry detergents, the main difference is between bio and non-bio cleaners. Essentially, bio products contain enzymes which can be more effective at breaking down stubborn stains, while non-bio cleaners opt for other ingredients instead. Non-bio detergents can be kinder to skin and are usually preferred by those with sensitivities.

Laundry Liquid

Whether you think you need the stain-busting power of bio detergent or the caring formula of a non-bio, we have whatever you may need in the form of our Laundry Liquids. The concentrated formulas have been designed to match the cleaning power of regular chemical detergents using specially developed plant-based ingredients. They clean well even at cool temperatures and are great for both white and colourfast loads.

Great for: School uniforms and bedding


eco-friendly laundry

Laundry Capsules

With a pre-measured dosage, our non-bio Laundry Capsules are our most simple to use detergent option. The formula is wrapped in a plant-based soluble coating, which breaks down without leaving any residue, allowing for a no-spill application for up to 20 loads.

Great for: Quick loads


Pro-Active Sports Wash

For those washes that need a little extra oomph, our Sports Wash is designed to fight typical sports-related stains such as grass, dirt, clay and blood. The active ingredient, Zinc Ricinoleate, helps to eliminate odour during activity and removes bad smells at low temperatures. The formula helps maintain the membrane function of clothing and is suitable for specialist fabrics such as Gore-Tex ®.

Great for: Sportswear and heavily soiled pieces


sports wash

Soap Nuts

Also known as Soap Berries, Soap Nuts are a completely natural alternative to laundry detergent. Grown on the trees of the Sapindus genus in tropical climates, they contain a natural soap called Saponin and have been used for thousands of years. Simply fill the cotton bag included with the nuts and place in the drum of your washing machine with your laundry. They are completely organic, responsibly sourced and, as well as being biodegradable, each dose can be used up to four times.

Great for: Delicates and baby clothes


sensitive laundry


We came up with Ecoballs over 20 years ago and, although they’ve been developed and updated during this time, the core principle is the same: the ball is filled with specially developed pellets made from minerals and plant-based ingredients which lift dirt and soften water for an effective clean every time. Simply place the ball in with your laundry and, because they’re residue free, they can be used without a rinse cycle. One pack can last up to 1,000 washes and there are four scents to choose from, including a fragrance-free option.

Great for: General laundry


Fabric Conditioners

Fabric Conditioners work to keep clothes looking and feeling newer for longer. They condition fibres, making them soft to the touch and helping them to retain their smoothness and elasticity. However, many fabric conditioners contain a concoction of chemicals that can be harmful both to humans and to marine life once the liquid is washed away. As well as this, many contain tallow, an ingredient derived from animal fat, meaning that they’re not suitable for vegans or those trying to live cruelty-free.

Our Fabric Conditioner range is completely free from any animal-derived ingredients and uses natural plant extracts to soften fabric. There are four scents to choose from.

Great for: Clothing


Towel Softener

Did you know that using fabric conditioner on towels can actually make them less fluffy? These products tend to leave an invisible water-resistant layer behind which can build up and make them less absorbent over time. That’s why we’ve developed our specially-formulated Towel Softener, which uses purely plant-based ingredients to soften and relax towel fibres, keeping them doing their job for longer.

Great for: Towels!


eco-friendly laundry

Stain Removal

Our range of Whitening and Brightening tablets are designed to bring dulled clothing back to life. Many similar products contain chemical-based optical brighteners, which aren’t biodegradable, meaning that they remain in the water system for a long time and can cause harm to aquatic life. Luckily, our formulas use only the power of oxygen and natural ingredients to lift dirt and restore clothes to their former glory.

Great for: Tough-to-budge stains


Check out our full range of eco-friendly laundry products here.

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