Find Ecozone in the Naturewatch Foundation’s new Compassionate Shopping Guide

Compassionate Shopping Guide

Find Ecozone in the Naturewatch Foundation’s new Compassionate Shopping Guide

We’re proud as ever to be featured in the 15th edition of the Naturewatch Foundation’s Compassionate Shopping Guide, an essential resource for highlighting genuinely cruelty-free brands and helping shoppers make informed decisions about the products they buy.

Why it matters

Although the testing of household products on animals was technically banned in the UK in 2015, there are loopholes which allow companies to continue testing ingredients before products hit the shelves. Many of the big name-branded sprays, wipes and solutions that can be found in kitchen cupboards across the country will have been tested on animals at some point during their production.

Ecozone firmly believes that having a beautiful clean home should not come at the cost of harming others. That’s why, in addition to our environmentally friendly credentials, you’ll find that none of our products are tested on animals. What’s more, being an independent, family-run company, you can rest assured that we’re not involved with any large corporations that profit from cruelty to any creature, big or small.

Compassionate Shopping Guide

About the Naturewatch Foundation

That’s why we’re so happy to be affiliated with the Naturewatch Foundation, which has worked on behalf of animals for over 25 years. The registered charity campaigns peacefully against animal abuse, lobbies to improve animal protection legislation and raises awareness through education. In 2003, Naturewatch launched the World Animal Day initiative, which takes place on 4 October each year and aims to unite the various animal welfare movements taking place around the globe.

Now in its 15th edition, the Compassionate Shopping Guide has been running since 1993. As the first organisation to make information about animal testing in household and personal care products publicly available, the Naturewatch Foundation aims to help as many people as possible to understand the policies behind products, in order to make informed decisions about what they buy.

In addition to a published booklet, the Compassionate Shopping Guide is also available in a searchable format online. Find out more or get your copy here.

To celebrate the launch of the new Compassionate Shopping Guide, we’re offering 33% off selected products between 16-30 September 2020. Explore the deals at

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