Go Organic This September With Ecozone

For some who may not know, Organic September was set up as an awareness of the benefits of going organic. Now, going organic isn’t just referring to food… This can be applied to textiles, furniture, shoes, cleaning products, personal care, and so on… A lot of us believe that it’s expensive, not readily available, impossible to live by (especially in an urban city), and most of the time we aren’t clued up on what could even be classed as organic in the first place.

Companies like; The Soil Association, which is the UK’s leading charity campaigning for healthy food, land use & farming, work closely with farmers, growers and researchers to help make the changes needed for a healthy life for all! Their website and others out there contain so much detail on how to shop organic and how it can be affordable and actually pretty easy to do and live by. You can download step by step guides, get insights on events local to you, find business’ that supply organic produce to do your shopping (which will also help with the fight to cut back on the amount of synthetic agents, pesticides and antibiotics that are pumped in to products we use on a day-to-day basis). Going organic is a plus for us all around the world!

This September, we’re offering 33% off our triple award-winning Baby & Kids skin-care which has been formulated with Natural & Organic ingredients in light of #organicseptember.

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