Guide to Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Guide to Spring Cleaning

It’s finally here! Winter is coming to an end and spring is well and truly on its way. With the changing season, you might be thinking about freshening up your home, and you’re not alone. The concept of spring cleaning has been around for generations, with people around the world taking the opportunity to have a thorough clean-up to welcome in the warmer weather.

We recommend making a schedule so that no part of your home gets forgotten about. The easiest way is to plan one room at a time, allowing around a week per room so that you don’t have to rush.

Spring cleaning offers a great chance to tackle those hard to reach or often forgotten about areas of your home. Here are some of our top tips to make this year’s clean-up a success:

spring cleaning

Get rid of clutter

The best way to start in each room is by tidying and decluttering, donating anything you no longer have a use for, to make space for a proper clean. We’re all guilty of holding onto items we no longer need or dumping things in a ‘junk drawer’, and this is the perfect opportunity to get on top of it all.

Once you’ve had a clear out, there are plenty of ways you can stay on top of clutter:

  • To make sure your wardrobe isn’t overwhelmed, change it around seasonally and store out-of-season clothes elsewhere in vacuum-sealed bags or storage boxes.
  • Sort through old mail and documents every quarter so that you’re not holding on to too much paperwork. Even better, why not scan documents as you get them and create a digital filing system instead? Just make sure you have a shredder to get rid of anything confidential.
  • Stop yourself from filling up your home with clutter by properly considering all of your purchases and avoiding the urge to make impulse buys. We all need to do our part to cut down on waste, and thinking carefully about what we buy is the perfect first step.

spring cleaning

Show your appliances some love

We use them every day but it’s easy to forget that our appliances need some TLC sometimes too. When you’re working your way around the kitchen, empty out the fridge of any food that might have overstayed its welcome, then pull all the shelves and drawers out and wash them with warm water and an aquatic life-friendly washing up liquid or, for an even easier clean, some antibacterial wipes.

We all dread cleaning the oven, but our non-toxic, non-caustic Oven Cleaning Gel won’t have you gasping for breath as you clean. Next, clean up your kettle, coffee machine and iron with an appliance descaler, to help improve their performance and make sure they’re not harbouring any nastiness. Finally, our Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner tablets are a great option for your bigger appliances, as they get rid of any stubborn limescale or detergent that has built up over time.

Save yourself from another big clean in the future by:

  • Descaling your appliances each month
  • Cleaning your oven after any spillages and freshening it up monthly
  • Emptying your fridge and wiping it down each time you do a big shop

carpet cleaner

Focus on the floor

You might hoover or sweep up regularly, but how long have you been putting off giving your floors a really good clean for? Now’s the time to pull out the furniture, fill up a bucket and get the mop out. While water works just fine, using a floor cleaner for your hard and wooden floors will make the job much easier and leave behind a nice scent. For carpets, dig out the carpet cleaner, borrow one from a friend or go manual. Whichever way you go about it, using a carpet shampoo will help remove any stains or marks. Regularly spraying carpets and rugs with our Dust Mite Stopper will dissolve debris such as dead skin and hair which mites thrive on, and help eliminate potential allergens in the home.

Here some tips for keeping your floors clean throughout the year:

  • Vacuum weekly, or more often if you have pets
  • Aim to mop at least every two weeks to avoid dirt building up
  • Clean your carpets every quarter, or annually at the very least

spring cleaning

Freshen up your furniture

Sofas and other soft furnishings can be some of the most unhygienic areas of the house, as all of the germs we pick up on our clothes and bodies end up transferred onto them and, let’s be honest, they tend not to be cleaned very often. Any removable cushion covers should be put in the washing machine with your choice of laundry detergent to freshen them up. If you can’t remove the covers, try steam cleaning furniture instead.

Tips for keeping furnishings fresh:

  • Freshen materials and drop creases out by using a crease releaser
  • Use a lint catcher weekly for lint and debris
  • Wash covers or steam clean every quarter, or annually at the very least

spring cleaning

Don’t forget the garden

Your outdoor space is going to get a lot more use over the next few months, so why treat it any differently to the rest of your home? If you have a pressure washer, you’ve got an easy job ahead of you, but don’t be afraid of cleaning patios and decking the old-fashioned way. Tip a bucket of water out, sweep rigorously into your drain and you’ll be surprised at the difference. Give outdoor furniture and barbecues a wipe over with our Multi-Surface Cleaning Paste to bring them out of their winter hibernation.

Here are some more ideas for keeping outdoor spaces tidy in unpredictable climates:

  • Clear weeds and mow the lawn regularly throughout warmer months
  • Rake leaves while the weather is warmer in the early autumn
  • Store away garden furniture throughout rainy seasons to avoid dirt and rusting

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