Multi-Purpose Appliance Liquid Descaler: Why Use It? Series 3

Liquid Descaler Ecozone

Want to know more about our Multi-Purpose Appliance Liquid Descaler and why you should use it?

Liquid Descaler Ecozone

What is it?

The Multi-Purpose Appliance Liquid Descaler is a fast-acting product that rids a variety of different machines of limescale build-up and dirt overall by cleaning and sanitising. For example; coffee machines, kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, steam cleaners & irons.  It breaks down build-up in your machines and keeps them running smoothly and effectively.

Why use it?

The main aspiration behind this Liquid Descaler is to clean and sanitise your machines fully while working to prolong the life of our electrical items. It is a non-toxic formula that doesn’t impact badly on your machine or on you. It stands by all our important criteria being vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free and the list goes on. What more could you want from a product?

Our machines/appliances are extremely important to the functioning of our homes from ensuring the laundry gets done with our washing machine to dishware coming out sparkling from our dishwashers. As a further example; our coffee machines will be used every morning without much thought, all we want is great tasting coffee at the click of a button. But, over time there will be a build-up of dirt and limescale, it happens, we can’t really help it unless we use filtered water, but ultimately you’ll start to notice that the machine doesn’t work as well as it did before and your coffee might start to taste a little off and that’s where the importance of descaling comes in.

How to use it.

Due to the versatile nature of our Multi-Purpose Liquid Descaler, there isn’t just one way in which to use it. We suggest always following your appliance manufacturers instructions however here are some general cleaning instructions below:

Coffee Machines

Measure out 100ml of our solution into the coffee machine and fill the rest of the tank with water up to the max line. Run the machine until the descaling solution is empty from the tank. Immediately, run through with clean water and after you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee without having to worry about anything toxic, as our formula is plant-based, tasteless and odourless.

Washing Machines

Pour into the detergent compartment 200ml of our solution. Set a hot wash and begin a cycle of your choosing. Ensure that you don’t put any clothes in with this, this is the time for some TLC for your machine to clear all the limescale, detergent & debris that sits around the outer drum and piping.


Pour 200ml of our Liquid Descaler directly on to the bottom of your dishwasher floor, make sure not to pour it into the rinse aid or tablet compartment. Then all you need to do is set an empty hot wash. Now sit back, relax and wait for our Appliance cleaner to get to work.




With the Kettle, you will need to Boil 400ml water first. Once it has boiled, add 100ml solution in with the freshly boiled water and allow it to sit 30 minutes. Once the limescale appears to have been lifted, empty the kettle and flush out with clean water.

You can also visit the product profile here for more info and other appliances to descale.