The Benefits of a Natural Drain Unblocker

natural drain unblocker

The Benefits of a Natural Drain Unblocker

It’s easy to believe that when we wash something down the drain it disappears. Unfortunately, as with all waste, it merely relocates and can cause a number of issues for our homes, our personal health and our environment. We’ve taken a look at some of the worst culprits for causing drain blockages and the many advantages of choosing a natural drain unblocker to clear them.

natural drain unblocker

Why do blockages occur?

One of the most common reasons for blocked drains is food waste. Even the small pieces of food that we innocently wash down our plug holes can build up, getting stuck in pipes where they start to decompose. This creates unpleasant smells which can linger in our homes for a long time.

Some specific types of food can be more dangerous than others. For example, pieces of egg shell can stick to the insides of pipes and become difficult to remove when they harden, while any coffee grounds will clump together rather than breaking down like other foods. The best way to dispose of these foods is to compost them or add them to your food recycling. To make this as easy as possible, our compostable Caddy Liners are sturdy, tear resistant and made entirely from plant-based ingredients.

Other key culprits are fats, oils and greases. Although many people know about the damage these can cause, a surprising amount of us will still pour cooking oils and fats down the drain. These tend to solidify when chilled, sticking to the inside of pipes and causing blockages and fatbergs. To dispose of these safely, place them into your general waste bin instead.

It’s also not just food that we need to be wary of, with hair being a key offender for bathroom blockages. Both short and long hair can accumulate in pipes and, when mixed with soaps and other personal care products, become congealed.

What’s wrong with chemical unblockers?

When these blockages occur, the first instinct for many is to look for the strongest chemicals to break down blockages and get water flowing. These products can be harmful, as fumes linger and get breathed in, causing irritation to the nose, eyes and throat.

Chemical products can also have wider effects on the environment. Many of the ingredients in these unblockers can’t be removed by water treatment plants, meaning they will most likely end up in streams, rivers, groundwater and, eventually, the ocean. Polluting the ocean in this way is harmful to marine life, as fish absorb the toxins, meaning that they may end up in the food chain.

Finally, chemical ingredients tend to be caustic, meaning that they will erode drain pipes over time. When pipes weaken in this way, fractures can appear and they may collapse, leading to expensive repair jobs.

Using a natural drain unblocker

The good news is that there’s no need to turn to harmful chemical cleaning formulas. At Ecozone, we have a range of powerful and effective natural drain unblockers and maintenance products that will clear up blockages without harming us, our homes or our environment.

Hair Unblocker

This enzyme-based treatment contains specially developed ingredients that slowly eat through trapped hair and other organic build-ups in bathroom sinks, baths and showers. The non-toxic, non-corrosive Hair Unblocker will clear almost anything without damaging plumbing, while also being safe for septic tanks and marine life.

natural drain unblocker

Kitchen Drain Unblocker

Also formulated from enzymes, the ingredients in our Kitchen Drain Unblocker actively break down fat, food, soap, grease and organic residues that cause blockages. This is another natural drain cleaning solution that is non-corrosive and safe for septic tanks and marine life.

natural drain unblocker

Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks

Once blockages are resolved, our Drain Cleaning Sticks will help stop them from occurring again. Formed of powerful natural bacteria and enzymes, the sticks break down almost any organic matter. Available in fragrance-free and citrus scents, simply place one stick into the plug hole each month and the enzymes will break down any grease, fat and food that accumulate daily, keeping drains fresh and odour free.

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