Need More Reasons To Use Soap Nuts?

Need more reasons to use Soap Nuts from Ecozone products?

Do you have sensitive skin? Want to cut back on chemical based products? Want to try something that lasts you longer?

Ecozone has been a household favourite for 20 years. And over those years we’ve been continuously working hard to meet the needs of the much valued eco community and beyond. For us it’s not only about providing the cleaning and home maintenance staples but also about turning around the norm to deliver innovative & sustainable goods that can be used across the entire household, from top to bottom. So, here at Ecozone we recommend using our award winning 100% organic & natural Soap Nuts in place of your usual chemical-based laundry detergents. Ecozone’s Soap Nuts are naturally and sustainably sourced and have so many other positive attributes, now get switching over!

  • Allergy friendly – Approved by Allergy UK
  • Hypoallergenic – Great for those sensitivities and Eczema sufferers
  • Biodegradable & Compostable – You can add them to your compost heap or simply throw in the garden or bin once finished with
  • Vegan – Approved by the Vegan Society (no animal bi-products here)
  • Cruelty-free – Approved by Cruelty-Free International (no animal testing here too!)
  • Non-toxic & Non-polluting – Totally organic & safe for aquatic life and the environment
  • Reusable – Did you know you can use the same load of Nuts 3-6 times?
  • Bleach & Paraben-free – No optical brighteners, so great on delicate fabrics and non-colourfast items
  • Safe for septic tanks – No worries on using this product if you’ve got a septic tank

Ecozone’s Soap Nuts are available in two sizes 300g & 1kg giving you 100-330 washes at an average of up to 5p per wash. With the simple & easy to use directions, you’ll have no excuse not to love them. We’ve even heard that you can make a versatile multi-use liquid detergent from them that can be used all over the home for various other cleaning purposes too!

For your laundry simply follow these instructions for best results:

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