No Nasties: Power Doesn’t Mean Poison

At Ecozone, we know that eco-friendly cleaning is not only better for the planet, but also for ourselves. There are many hidden toxins and chemicals in common cleaning products, many of which can have negative impacts on the planet and our health. That’s why we make our products with a focus on ‘no nasties’: that means no-toxins and no harsh chemicals, without compromising on cleaning power.

Chemicals known as VOCs – volatile organic compounds – are found in the vapours from household cleaning products. This can result in headaches or nausea, skin issues and allergic reaction, irritation of our eyes, nose or mouth, and more. Chemical heavy products are also more likely to cause skin irritation.

Unlike common cleaning products, Ecozone’s are made with plant-based, biodegradable, aquatic life safe and eco-considered ingredients where possible that are kinder to our skin and the air we breathe. They’re much safer to use thanks to their lack of harmful and irritating chemicals, and our products are manufactured to be of low-toxicity by minimising the use of VOC’s. This also means that when they’re washed away into the water system, there are no harsh contaminants.

Want to make some easy eco-swaps? Try some of our essentials for more sustainable and healthier cleaning


Tallow-Free Fabric Conditioner

Unlike most fabric conditioners, Ecozone’s Fabric Conditioner does not contain tallow. Tallow is an animal by-product that has been used for centuries, and can be found in the new £5 and £10 English bank notes, bike tyres and plastic bags.

If you’re looking for a vegan fabric softener, ours is plant-based, cruelty free and vegan friendly!


Laundry Liquids

If you have the space, trading in smaller 1 litre bottles for larger 2 litre or even 5 litres, saves money and plastic, as less packaging is needed for the larger bottles. That will mean less over all purchases, home deliveries and single 1L use bottles being used.

Try Ecozone’s Non-Bio 5L Laundry Detergent


100% Organic Soap Nuts

Cut out the plastic packaging altogether and try out the less conventional Soap Nuts – a berry shell which is dried until it resembles a nut, and contains the naturally effective ingredient Saponin (hence the name Soap Nut). Stored in a cotton bag and kept safe in a biodegradable and compostable packet, each portion of Soap Nuts can be used up to 4 times each, and a 1KG bag will last you up to 330 washes!


Dryer Cubes

You can help to reduce your energy and electricity consumption by performing shorter dying cycles using our Dryer Cubes. The reusable cubes are designed with special bobbles to lift and separate clothes to help them dry faster. They also smooth and soften the clothes without the need for any added chemicals, so it’s a win-win!


Enzymatic Drain Sticks

Avoid harsh chemicals and expensive plumbing with our Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks. The natural bacteria and enzymes in these sticks help to break down anything that could cause blockages and bad smells in your pipes.


Magnoloo and Magnoball

The Magnoloo and Magnoball are effective, long-lasting and reusable solutions for keeping limescale at bay. The Magnoloo sits discreetly in the cistern of your toilet and the magnets encased within the casing will help prevent limescale build-up for up to 5 years, meaning you won’t need any harsh chemicals or bleaches to aid in preventing the build-up of limescale stains and watermarks.

Similarly, the Magnoball neatly keeps magnets inside its soft exterior, and maintains your machine by simply placing it in the drum of your washing machine or shelf on your dishwasher. The reusable solution will help start to show the effects of limescale removal after around 5 washes, while lasting also up to 5 years, reducing the need for single use tablets, or capsules.


Multi-Surface Antibacterial Wipes

Not only are our Antibacterial Wipes able to kill 99.9% of bacteria including E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella & MRSA, but they are also made from a plant-based biodegradable material, so avoid excess litter from common antibacterial wipes or paper towels. Formulated with a fast-dry action formula for quick and easy cleans whenever you need, surfaces around the home from tables to high chairs, will be left sparkling & bacteria free.


Oxo Biodegradable Bin Liners & Compostable Caddy Liners

Our Oxo Biodegradable Bin Liners are the perfect eco swap from regular plastic bin bags. These eco liners, compatible with rubbish as well as general recycling, are made from Polyethylene with D2W, which means that they slowly biodegrade over time unlike common plastic trash bags, that break down into equally polluting microplastics over hundreds of years. They are suitable for all bins in 30, 60 & 90 litre capacities. You can also explore our compostable & biodegradable caddy liners made with plant based materials perfect for 10 litre caddies.