Pet Friendly Cleaning Products

pet friendly cleaning products

Pet friendly cleaning products:
How chemical cleaners can harm your pets

Those with pets will know that, despite how much we love them, cleaning up after the animals in our families can be a pain. Whether it’s muddy paws bringing dirt in from outside, hair stuck to clothes and furniture, or unfortunate accidents on floors, there’s no denying that having pets leads to a lot of additional clean-up.

Sadly, a lot of the products that are used to clean up after pets or for general everyday cleaning can actually cause them harm, with chemical formulas contributing to a range of health issues for our four-legged friends. These can range from mild discomfort to more severe issues such as breathing problems, skin burns, blindness and upset stomachs.

At Ecozone, we make sure that none of our formulas are harmful to any creature, so we’ve put together a handy guide about which products to be wary of and alternatives to try instead.

What makes animals more vulnerable?

The natural curiosity of our cats, dogs and other pets is one of the reasons we love them, but it can get them into trouble. When animals lick or chew on items around the home, they don’t know whether these have been cleaned with chemicals that may be harmful to them. Another factor to consider is that they are smaller and closer to the ground, making them likely to come into contact with residue left behind by floor cleaners. Finally, animals have smaller lungs than humans and need to breathe faster, causing them to inhale fumes more rapidly, and their hyperactive sense of smell means that strongly scented products can be harsh on their noses.

pet friendly carpet cleaner

Which products should I look out for?

There are many ingredients to avoid using if you have pets at home. In particular, ammonia, which is commonly found in floor cleaners, multi-surface sprays and drain unblockers, is toxic to pets and can cause serious irritation to their skin and eyes, as well as the throat and stomach if they consume it. Bleach is another key culprit, as its strong scent can cause irritation, and the fumes stick around long after products have been put away. Residue left behind from laundry detergent and toilet cleaners can also be harmful, particularly for animals in the habit of chewing bedding or drinking from the toilet bowl.

Where can I find pet friendly cleaning products?

All of Ecozone’s cleaning products are pet friendly, and these range from laundry detergents and surface cleaners to drain unblockers and oven cleaners. We also make sure that none of our products are tested on animals and that they don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients either.

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Here are some of our favourite products to help you and your pets stay clean and safe at home:

Carpet Shampoo

The powerful three-in-one formula of our Carpet Shampoo effectively removes a variety of stains and marks from carpets and rugs, including those pesky muddy paw prints. The shampoo can be used manually or with a machine, and the gentle ingredients provide a fresh look without harming material or causing it to fade. It is also fast-drying to prevent re-soiling.

Magic Stain Eraser

Animals bouncing around inside are bound to leave hard to remove marks and stains around the house. This nonabrasive sponge is activated with water, so there’s no need for strong chemicals or toxic cleaning agents; simply wet the sponge and scrub the area to let it work its magic. The Magic Stain Eraser can be used on a number of surfaces, including tiles, kitchen fittings, appliances and walls.

Floor Cleaners

Ecozone’s easy to use, direct to floor cleaners are great alternatives to bleach. Our Hard Floor Cleaner is excellent for a variety of floor types including tiles, lino, laminate and ceramic, and has a fruity pomegranate scent. The Wood Floor Cleaner is suitable for use on all sealed wooden floors and has a warming almond scent. Both of our floor cleaners are pet-friendly and fast-drying, and feature an easy-to-use nozzle so that you can control exactly where you want the solution on the floor. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or mop to finish.

Floor Mop & Bucket

Speaking of mops, our new Mop & Bucket is a great option for getting your floors to sparkle quickly and easily every time. The bucket is divided into three compartments; begin by filling the bucket, then push the mop through the wet section to dampen the microfibre pad before passing it through the dry section to squeeze out any excess water. The rectangular mop head comes with two washable pads to lift and trap dirt even in hard to reach areas.

Microfibre Cloth

Made from Grade A superior microfibre yarn, the high fibre density of our microfibre cloth picks up more dirt and grime than regular cloths, making it quicker and easier to clean up after pets. It can be used dry or with a minimal amount of water, reducing the need to use chemical products. The multi-purpose cloth can be used all around the home, or opt for our colour coded Kitchen, Bathroom and Window & Glass cloths, each with a different weave to effectively target each area.

Laundry Capsules

Our easy to use non-bio Laundry Capsules are a great option for washing pet blankets or machine-washable beds. Simply place one of the capsules in with your laundry load and the plant-based soluble capsule coating will break down without leaving any nasty residues and ensuring a highly effective wash every time. The pre-measured dosage and no-spill application make these our most simple to use laundry solution.

Our products are safe to use in homes with pets but should not come into direct contact with them or be consumed. Keep away from animals.

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