Planning Ahead with Ecozone Direct

Ecozone not only want to provide consumers with healthy & planet-friendly products but also want to encourage buyers to shop smarter!

Sizing up!

Now’s the time to go big! Across the range, we are offering products in larger sizes. From dishwashing tablets to laundry liquids. Our recommendations this month are;

Ultra All-In-One Dishwasher Tablets

We offer this product in pack sizes of 25 tablets and 72 tablets. The tablets come in soluble plant-based materials and plastic free outer packaging. With choosing to stock up on the Mega Pack size it will have you covered for 72 dishwashing cycles and cost you around 17 pence per tablet! Now that’s a smart choice!

Ultra Concentrated Bio & Non-Bio Laundry Liquid

We recently added two new laundry liquids to the range. Our Ultra Concentrated Collection, which gives you around 166 washes per 5 litres. Storing one large bottle can help to reduce plastic waste regardless if it’s post-recycled or recyclable and help you to avoid unplanned orders/a quick shop as often because you’ve run out of detergent. It also helps to lower carbon emissions too if you cut the amount of deliveries due to bulk orders. Available in Bio & Non-Bio options.


This year we’re celebrating 20 years of the Ecoballs! Yes, it’s really been that long! We’ve invented a brand-new model to coincide with the celebration. With a twist & lock mechanism and soft outer shell these Ecoballs are durable and are an evolution of what came before yet working exactly the same way, by filling them up with pellets that contain natural cleaning minerals. The awesome Ecoball will provide you with up to 1000 washes, and with that, we think it best you do the math to figure out how long these will last you before you need to top up again. How many washing cycles you do a week?

Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts? An Organic and completely Natural alternative to the common laundry detergent. These natural wonders have been used for centuries domestic cleaning activities. A natural source of soap, all you need to do is pop a few into the provided nets and you’re ready to go with your laundry loads. One dosage can be reused a few times and our Soap Nut bags can provide you with up to 100 or 330 washes with each purchase. Not only that, they are completely biodegradable. With these, green really does mean clean!

Descaling & why it matters;

Descaling is important, not just to end up with shiny sparkling appliances and surfaces that are brought back to looking as good as new, but because in the long run they help to prevent breakdowns, cracks brittleness and excessive use of energy due to overheated elements etc. Our recommendations are a variety of products across the range depending on your needs! However, it’s always worth descaling your appliances such as Washing Machine & Dishwasher every 1-3 months.

Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner

This pack of 6 tablets work to descale both your Washing Machine & Dishwasher. The tablets are made from a natural formulation that helps to protect your appliances and keep them running efficiently for years to come. 6 tablets can last you anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half.

Appliance Descaler

New to the descaling range our All-Purpose Appliance Descaler can be used across the home, from shower heads to coffee machines. It’s a multi-functional liquid that can be kept in the cupboard for all types of descaling emergencies.

Long-term solutions & maintenance;

To resolve problems around the home often comes with a thought of fixing it quickly. Domestic problems such as mould or scale are rarely looked at with a long-term solution in mind. If they are unsightly, we all want it gone fast! However, it really works in our favour to consider how we can prevent these issues in the long run. We recommend three particular products to maintain problem areas;


A part of the descaling range, the Magnoball is a neat invention and maintenance product that uses magnetic power to crystallize calcium particles in the water that’s used in your washing machine and dishwasher cycle. This ultimately means water is softened to prevent limescale build-up happening in the pipework and drums. It’s truly a long-term solution that can be used in every cycle below 60 degrees while saving you money on purchasing softener tablets and the possibility of machine repairs due to malfunctions & breakdowns related to lime build-up.


Likewise, to the Magnoball, the Magnoloo is a long-term anti-limescale solution that can be used in your toilet cistern. It sits in the tank for up to 5 years utilizing magnetic power to break down the calcium particles ultimately preventing build-up in the bowl of your loo!

Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks

One exceptional product, the Enzymatic Drain Sticks can last you 1 year when used in 1 sink/drain. How’s that for a long-term solution? Designed with unique and specially formulated enzymes these amazing sticks work to break down residues, fats or foods that end up down any plughole that can eventually cause blockages. Taking the step to maintain your drains before blockages occur can help reduce costly repair bills for blocked pipes. Another bonus is that the Drain Sticks eliminate odours that creep up the drain and out into the home!

Browse through the selection of around 100 products to find ways that suit you to shop smarter! #makeyourhomeanecozone