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The Sustainable Bathroom

Interested in adding some eco touches to your bathroom interior? Well then read on and see what Tiles Direct recommend to create and keep a green, clean home

Sustainable Bathroom Interior

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If you’re looking to adopt some green interior design into your home, then the bathroom is the perfect place to start – and this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style either. From sleek water-saving taps and energy-efficient showering systems to sustainable materials, read on to discover how to pull off an ultra-sleek bathroom update that also prioritises our precious planet.

Opt for water-saving taps

With figures suggesting that a single-person household in the UK uses 149 litres per day, this is definitely an area where significant savings can be made if you’re looking to give your bathroom an eco-friendly overhaul.

The simple addition of a modern aerated tap on sinks and baths to replace older models will mean that, with every hand wash, you use less water. With a huge variety of styles on offer to cater for all budgets and tastes, this update could be a real statement piece for a new look in your bathroom – all while curbing water usage. Take this one step further by installing sensor taps that will bolster your water-saving efforts by automatically turning on and off and giving a wonderfully luxurious feel.

Shower the eco-friendly way 

On the whole, a shower will use less water than a bath, but the amount of water that goes down the drain will depend on the type of shower you have. To ensure your shower isn’t guzzling water needlessly, it could be wise to invest in an eco-friendly version. Designed to minimise water consumption through aerated flow systems that don’t impact water pressure, these eco-friendly showerheads are a welcome addition to any bathroom.

Worried your shower head won’t match the rest of your bathroom design? Don’t be. There are plenty of solutions available nowadays that will seamlessly integrate into your existing aesthetic ensuring the overall style and functionality of your bathroom design isn’t compromised.

Scale down the flush 

When it comes to water consumption in this functional room of the home, even upgrading your toilet can make a difference. Most modern toilet designs already come with half and full flush functions and usually smaller cisterns, but in busy households, this can soon add up to huge volumes of wastewater being flushed away.

However, opting for a low flow toilet that typically uses just 1.6 gallons per flush – in comparison to 6 gallons that offers the same flush power you’ve become accustomed to – could do wonders for upping the eco-credentials of your bathroom design.

Go for sustainable materials

Having covered off some of the more practical elements of eco-friendly bathroom design, it’s time to delve into the decorative side that will help tie everything together and project a truly green space.

In terms of your bathroom suite, plumping for hard-wearing and durable porcelain or metal bathtubs, showers and sinks will ensure you’re keeping sustainability in mind and designing a space that will stay looking pristine for longer.

Similarly, the materials you use on floors and walls can make a difference. Switch out tired carpets and linoleum flooring options for robust porcelain floor tiles that are made from sustainable materials – and, when laid correctly, will last for years. For walls, the addition of pretty mosaic tile splashbacks above baths and sinks or in shower cubicles will give long-lasting protection to walls and create a stylish focal piece to be admired.

Whether you opt for sleek and glossy glass, metal or ceramic tiles, these materials are readily available and often produced using recycled materials, giving modern bathrooms an instant update with minimal harm to the planet.

To keep your tiles and any other surfaces in your bathroom looking sparkly clean and free from soap scum, try out the Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser sponge. When used regularly alongside an eco-friendly limescale remover, you can have peace of mind that your new bathroom features will stay looking pristine for longer with minimal effort.

Ecozone Stain Magic Eraser

Ecozone Limescale Remover

Don’t forget the finer details

To complete your eco bathroom renovation, be sure to consider the environmental impacts of all the products and decorative touches you use in the room.

From opting for upcycled furniture and ornaments to eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products and toiletries, even the smallest of details can reduce your carbon footprint without feeling like you’re sacrificing on life’s luxuries. Opting for green cleaning products is a great way to up the eco-credentials of your bathroom to deliver a squeaky clean finish without the use of harmful chemicals.

For the decorative touches, think ceramic pottery, wooden accents and plenty of plant life that will all goes towards projecting an authentic eco-friendly bathroom that puts the planet and your wellbeing first.

Sustainable Bathroom Interior

Photo by intan Indiastuti on Unsplash

Whether you’re looking to embark on a complete bathroom overhaul or just make a few simple updates to offset your carbon footprint, we hope these Earth-friendly bathroom design ideas will help you achieve a space that’s both eco-friendly and ultra-stylish.

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Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers – bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers