Sustainable Christmas Must-Haves

Sustainable Christmas Ecozone

Sustainable Christmas Must-Haves.

We suggest some key products that will help you maintain a fresh & clean home during this festive season!

“Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” We have all heard these words muttered on an advert or in a Christmas song. This can only mean one thing, it is Christmas! On one side you have the idyllic picture; waking up on Christmas morning surrounded by family, opening presents that have been lovingly bought for you and having everyone around the dinner table enjoying a beautifully cooked meal. On the other hand, more of reality would be that of the children running around causing havoc, wrapping paper everywhere, the duff cracker toy down the back of the sofa, Christmas dinner slightly burning and creating a huge mess of your oven with the grease from your gravy sticking to your table cloth.

Have no fear Ecozone as is here, to ensure that the dread of the aftermath of Christmas dissolves and once again the excitement and Christmas spirit is achieved since we’ve got your back on the cleaning side of things. With this, we’ve made some top suggestions on how to achieve a fresh, clean, sustainable & toxic-free home this winter.

Firstly Oven Cleaning Gel, one of the unsung heroes in our household cleaning collection. After say, the roast potato grease has lined the walls of your oven, the best thing you could do is to squirt some of our amazing Oven Cleaner directly onto surfaces to effectively eradicate any dirt build-up from the Christmas day feast.

Sustainable Christmas Oven Cleaning

Whilst this formula is getting to work, you can let your dirty dishes soak in the sink with our lovely Cool Cucumber and Apple scented Washing Up Liquid, this works to lift the dirt from of the plates giving you sparkly dishes to be proud of.

Sustainable Christmas Washing Up Liquid

And finally, to ensure that your glasses and Pyrex are left just as shiny, why not try our Classic All in One Dishwashing Tablets, plastic-free soluble wrapped dish tabs to get rid of all bake-on and build-up ending with sparkling results.

Sustainable Christmas Dishwashing Tablets

Our Kitchen Cleaner is a product with a bright, fresh & zesty scent that fills the kitchen as you wipe down surfaces with ease ridding them of all the greasy cooking stains, wine splashes and sticky finger marks. Evident no more, achieving the cleanliness you wish for in the messiest of situations.

Sustainable Christmas Kitchen Cleaner

Another one of our products that will allow you to achieve ultimate cleaning efficiency that’s especially needed this time of year, is our Kettle and Iron descaler. This gets rid of the limescale build-up within both appliances so, you can fully enjoy the festive period with great cups of tea and a clean iron for all your ironing tasks during the season.

Sustainable Christmas Kettle & Iron

That pesky stained table cloth from the festive feast. Just bung it in the wash, with our 1 Litre Laundry Liquid with Biological formula and enzymatic power, as it’s able to lift stains and effectively deep clean.

Sustainable Christmas Bio Laundry Liq

Last but not least, for soft linens, PJ’s and bedspreads, add in a capful of our Purity Fabric Conditioner for a cosy, soft, yet fresh bunch of laundry!

Sustainable Christmas Fabric Conditioner

Stocking your household cupboard with wonderful Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and most importantly Eco-Friendly formulas is not only a treat for yourself, but it is also a treat for the world and its future. Enjoy our suggestions and…

Happy Holidays, from the Ecozone Team