Sustainable Living, The Kids’ Room: Tips and Tricks Series 1

Want to know more about sustainable living?

Sustainable living for the Kids’ Room.

We’re starting a Tips & Tricks series to help you with ideas on how to #makeyourhomeanecozone and by choosing sustainable options when it comes to decorating.

Our 1st in the series covers the kids’ room. Kids grow fast which means you may find yourself in a continuous cycle of updating things like furniture and wall paint every few years to suit the latest interior trends or more so their age and what they are now in to.


To reduce plastic you can always opt for heavy weight paper based fabrics or something else durable and natural like rattan for laundry baskets and storage boxes. They can be easily customized to suit your own style & a big plus is you’ll be able to easily recycle when time to update.


Instead of choosing toxic paints, opt for something more eco-friendly like a chemical free paint or even use gift paper/magazine cuttings for wall collages (depending on child’s age for safety). It’s also always a fun idea to get your kids being creative by painting and drawing something for their own wall space and framing it.


Opt for sustainable hand-made pieces. Locally produced is always good if you can, or something that is able to be customized as your kids’ grow. A ladder seems random but can be used as a towel rack, clothes rack, shelf and more.


Selecting natural materials for your fabrics and furnishings can help make a better environment for you at home and the outside world. Natural materials can be breathable, help protect your kids against allergens, can be more durable strength wise and against things like mould, easily recyclable and or biodegradable and can be heat regulating. Natural fabrics also help to give more of an eco-aesthetic if that’s what you’re after and prefer!


You might wonder why you’d get adult/grown-up furniture for your kids’ room, but in time it will make sense to invest in something that will last you long-term and that can be used as your kids grow. A statement chair is a nice touch to any living space. Not only does it look great but you can use it for feeding in the nursery, storage for toys and extra blankets, a seat for bed-time stories and eventually somewhere for your little ones to sit while studying and doing homework. If you purchase/make something solid preferably from sustainable materials it could last you a life-time!

And when it comes to cleaning…

We suggest opting for eco-friendly solutions made from natural and or plant-based formulations. Ecozone supply a wide range of cleaning products to help you create a non-toxic environment for you and your little ones. Check out our suggestions below.

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