Antibacterial Cleaning Products: Why Use Them?

antibacterial cleaning

Antibacterial Cleaning Products: Why Use Them?

What is antibacterial?

Antibacterial cleaning products work to destroy bacteria and supress its growth. They are compatible with water and great at removing greasy dirt, providing a simple and effective way to clean around the home.

Why use antibacterial cleaning products?

Using antibacterial cleaning products can be vital to making sure our families stay healthy. In busy households, with various family members coming and going, it’s likely that nasty bugs will make their way inside. As well as this, food-related bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria can live on surfaces for days, and these can make us ill if not properly cleaned away.

What are the options?

Here at Ecozone, we have plenty of powerful antibacterial cleaning products, which are also eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. Discover the full range below:

Multi-Surface Wipes

These antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes are completely biodegradable, making them much more eco-friendly than most household wipes. Available in a handy resealable packet which helps them stay fresh, the Aloe Vera and Cucumber scented wipes feature a quick-dry formula, meaning there’s no need to wipe over surfaces with a dry cloth after use.

biodegradable wipes

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Our triple-action antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner spray fights against common bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella. The powerful formula uses natural plant extracts to lift dirt and can be used in many parts of the home. It is particularly useful on high traffic areas such as kitchen worktops, tables, high chairs and bathroom surfaces.

antibacterial cleaning spray

Bin Cleaner

Designed to clean and deodorise indoor and outdoor bins, the powerful plant-based formula of our Bin Cleaner has a refreshing citrus fragrance and eliminates food residues that leak through bin bags and cause nasty smells. Suitable for all kitchen, vanity, recycling, caddy and wheelie bins, the 500ml option comes in a handy spray bottle for easy application, while the 2L bottle is great for refills or bigger jobs.


Shower Cleaner

This Shower Cleaner is one of our most effective solutions for removing tough limescale, providing a streak-free, antibacterial clean to protect against mould regrowth. For best results, spray the affected area twice per week. Alternatively, spray after the last shower of the day and leave for around six hours before rinsing away. Available in 500ml or 2L quantities.

antibacterial cleaning spray

Mould Remover

Our non-toxic, bleach-free Mould Remover spray is formulated to prevent mould spores and growth. It’s great for a number of surfaces around the home, including bathroom sealant, tile grout and window sills. As it is antibacterial, using the spray regularly will ensure that areas prone to mould growth are protected and sanitised.

antibacterial mould remover

Microfibre Cloths

Made from Grade A superior microfibre yarn, the high fibre density of our cloths clings to dust and grime, making for easier, more efficient cleaning. The cloths remove bacteria without the need for additional cleaning products; just use a small amount of water and they will catch any nasties on all household surfaces.

The colour-coded cloths each feature a different weave in order to target specific areas around the home and avoid contamination. The collection includes Bathroom, Window & Glass and Kitchen cloths, as well as a Multi-Purpose option for general cleaning, all of which can be washed and reused up to 300 times.

antibacterial cleaning products

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