Christmas Survival Guide

christmas survival guide

Christmas Survival Guide

Those who celebrate Christmas will be excited for some good food, thoughtful gifts and time spent with family and friends over the next few weeks. But behind the Christmas magic, it’s easy to forget about the frantic cooks, stressful gift-buying and last-minute preparations for the impending extra company.

We’ve put together a guide to using our eco-friendly, vegan cleaning products to make Christmas as stress-free as possible. Get some useful tips below and sign up to our newsletter for an exclusive 33% discount!

 A bit of Christmas magic for the whole house

Perfect for an all-round pre-Christmas clean-up, our Magic Stain Eraser can remove and clean marks on lots of surfaces all around the home. Whether it’s soap-scum stained tiles, kitchen sink fittings or even coffee-stained mugs, simply wet the non-abrasive sponge with a small amount of water and wipe the dirt away!

Get your oven ready for the big day

If you fancy giving your oven a freshen up before all the extra cooking over Christmas, why not try our non-caustic, eco-friendly Oven Cleaning Gel? It uses natural non-abrasive pumice stone particles that cut through tough burnt-on stains, grease and grime. It’s also free from the nasty smell that oven cleaners are notorious for and won’t cause any inhalation issues for those with sensitivities.

christmas survival guide

Last-minute laundry

Whether you need to wash your favourite Christmas outfit or freshen up towels and bedding before your guests arrive, do it the eco way with our Sensitive Laundry Ecoballs. The innovative design uses pellets made of natural minerals and plant-based ingredients to lift dirt. As well as being vegan, cruelty-free and safe for aquatic life, they’re also approved by Allergy UK.

Give your dishwasher a head start

Make sure your dishwasher is up to the job by giving it a good clean with our Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner tablets. Specially formulated to clean, descale and freshen, they’ll get rid of any limescale or build-up that stops appliances working their best. Just pop a tablet in the bottom of your dishwasher and run a hot wash without a pre-rinse. As the name suggests, they work wonders on washing machines too!

Freshen up festive linen

There are certain items in our homes that only come out at Christmas, such as tablecloths or festive bedding, which may not look their best after being folded and hidden away all year. To restore their glory, try a spritz of our Wrinkle Away spray, which banishes creases without the need to iron. Just spray all over and leave for a few minutes to let the magic happen, leaving behind a beautifully zesty lemongrass scent. The kit comes with two 500ml bottles and one 100ml.

christmas survival guide

Don’t let mould dampen the fun

At this time of year, with the heating on and windows closed, it’s important not to let too much moisture build-up to avoid damp, mould or musty smells. Rather than relying on energy-guzzling electric dehumidifiers, try our Damp, Mould & Moisture Trap. The portable design can be placed anywhere around the home and lasts up to three months before the dehumidifier pouch needs replacing.

Don’t get caught out while washing up

It can be difficult to find a washing up liquid that’s up to the job, but did you know that some of the leading brands offering long-lasting liquid use formulas that are harmful to aquatic life? Our Orange Blossom & Coconut Washing Up Liquid lasts just as long, smells amazing and is safe for aquatic life, perfect for doing all those extra dishes over Christmas while minimising your impact on the environment.

long lasting washing up liquid

Bring dirty pans back to life

Whether you’re a super chef or as amateur a cook as they come, making Christmas dinner rarely runs smoothly. Any pans that end up looking a bit worse for wear might benefit from our Pan & Soleplate Cleaner. Simply wet the block and rub on the affected area to loosen the dirt before wiping away with a clean cloth.

A practical gift for coffee lovers

Stuck for last-minute gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life? Or thinking of buying them a new machine and need something to go with it? It might not seem the most exciting thing to unwrap, but our Coffee Machine Cleaner is a non-toxic formula that is suitable for all brands and types of machine. Thanks to the natural ingredients, it cuts through limescale and coffee build-up without leaving any taste or odour behind.

A waste solution with a clear conscience

Try as we might, there will inevitably be a bit more rubbish around Christmas time. To lighten the load, our 60-Litre Bin Bags decompose much more quickly than regular plastic bags without leaving any harmful chemicals behind. They’re also tear-resistant even when wet and feature a handy drawstring handle to prevent spillages.

christmas survival guide

For the leftovers you can’t quite manage

As well as extra household waste, there’s bound to be some food that doesn’t get eaten over Christmas, as much as we try not to overbuy! Our Caddy Liners are super strong and tear-resistant, so you can confidently send as much waste as possible to compost rather than landfill. The 10-litre bags are made entirely from plant ingredients, so they’re completely compostable and biodegradable.

A saviour for stains

Don’t let nasty stains ruin Christmas! If you’ve had an accidental spillage over dinner and think you might have ruined your favourite outfit or table linen, think again! Pop the item in the wash with one of our Pure Oxygen Tablets, which bring whites back to life using only the power of oxygen and natural ingredients. They’re free from chlorine bleach and optical brighteners and can go in with your regular laundry load.

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