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Ecozone About us
Ecozone About us

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Ecozone is a family owned business. Created by a family for families.

For us, being green’s not about attaining some elitist or hippy ideal. Respecting the environment can be a way of everyday living for everyone. By offering planet-friendly solutions to our household problems, we hope it will be easier to make choices that are better for us and the world over.

Make Your Home an Ecozone.

What We Do

Our Company

At Ecozone we create an innovative home cleaning, maintenance solutions and products. We have the determination to ensure we provide consumers with entirely eco-friendly
alternatives as we believe homes should be safe, clean and healthy places for people (and animals) to flourish, through honest and clean formulas made from nothing but natural and plant-based ingredients.

Why We Do It

Our Promise, Our Mission

Our promise to you;
It is possible for all of us to make simple, small changes in our everyday doings that will make a huge difference to our planet in the long run, and that stands for businesses too.

That’s why we developed a wide range of products for literally every inch of the home from Laundry to Baby & Kids skin-care.

Although our ideology is reflected as ecological & ethical in its core mission and aim, the performance and quality of each product are just as important to us. Our products, therefore, excel amongst other leading non-eco brands without all the nasties included of course!

We endeavour to produce goods with these key three points in mind:
✓ Quality products
✓ High performance
✓ Environmentally sound

And with that, we promise to deliver you with powerful products that ultimately do all the work (the occasional elbow grease may be needed too!)


Our ongoing mission;

We’re an environmentally conscious company and are aware that Co2 levels have been significantly rising over the last few decades due to a number of reasons; from the industrialization of animal agriculture, general over-consumption of products, to mass production of just about anything. We’re also conscious about the extra toxic chemicals and waste that are going out into the oceans and landfill because of this.

We truly believe that all should have access to healthy and affordable cleaning products without compromise. For us, making it honest is our only mission.

Want to know how we do it? Take a look at our credentials…

Our Credentials

Things To Know

Palm Oil Free

Absolutely! We don’t include environmentally damaging Palm Oil in our formulas.

Septic Tank Safe

That’s right! Our products protect your home down to every nook and cranny.

Plant-Based Ingredients

As we’ve said it before; Plants are powerful! That’s why we use them in our formulas.

Eco-friendly Product

This one sums us up entirely. Every product is an Eco-friendly product with Ecozone.

Pet-Friendly Product

As well as making our products safe for you, we take our furry friends into consideration to ensure that where your pets may be, nasty chemicals won’t. You also won’t find any animal bi-products in our ingredients and we don’t test them on animals either!

Safe For Aquatic Life

We believe in keeping our water supply as clean and as pure as possible.

Natural Ingredients

Using naturally sourced ingredients is part of our on-going mission to keep our planet a clean and happy place.

Organic Ingredients

Absolutely. Some products throughout our ranges contain totally Organic Ingredients.

Natural Aloe Vera

This might plant contains a lot of power and natural anti-inflammatory properties! That’s why this extract has been slipped into our Baby Wipes.


Yes, absolutely no animal-related ingredients in our formulas and we’re Vegan certified too.


Ecozone is a proudly a Cruelty-free International certified company.

Nature Watch Foundation

We’re proud to be certified by the Nature Watch Foundation.

Allergy UK

A large number of our products are Allergy UK approved. This means you should have no worries about using some of the products from our lines. Just look out for the Allergy UK logo on each product page.

Our Ingredients

Smart Cleaning

Each product requires its own formula to ensure it gets to work does what it needs to!
We believe in the power of plants and all that nature has to offer so that’s why we incorporate these beliefs into our formulas, eliminating any nasty toxins and dirty ingredients that ultimately do more harm than good and by choosing to use specially selected plant-based and natural materials to give you the results you need.

In A Nutshell

To Sum Us Up

  1. Powerful Products That Work
  2. Environmentally Sustainable Products
  3. Affordable Solutions
  4. Animal-Friendly – never tested on, and never include a by-product of
  5. No Nasty Ingredients

No Bleach

No Phosphates

No Plasticizers

No Synthetic Ingredients

No Toxic Chemicals

Shall we go on?

  1. We try our best to recycle – using old packaging parts and turning them into our new packaging. Or using recyclable material & bottles. Check each of our product pages regarding recycling information.


Keeping it Simple

Across our site, we may be using phrases you’ve not yet heard of, so we thought we’d stick the answers right here for you to read through:

• Sustainability – Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future.

• Non-toxic – Non-toxic things aren’t poisonous, and they don’t harm the environment.

• Phosphates – A phosphate is a chemical compound that contains phosphorus. Phosphates are often used in fertilizers and detergents and are a major factor in water pollution

• Compostable – A product that is “compostable” is a product that can be placed into a composition of decaying biodegradable materials, and eventually turns into a nutrient-rich material (usually referring to solid materials only). Our products are independently certified by Vincotte and unlike mainstream compostable products ours can be safely composted at home and do not need to be in an industrial composting facility to do the job • Plant-based – Plant-based are materials derived from plants, from flowers to vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits etc.

• Animal bi-products – Animal bi-products are the bits from the carcasses left over from food processing activities in abattoirs which are not used in food or feed production which have subsequently been processed for other uses such as Tallow that can be found in common household laundry Fabric Conditioners.

• Climate-conscious – Conscious about the effects that mass production and consumption are having on our climate, therefore taking steps to reduce this negative impact in the long-run.

• Plasticizers – A substance to produce plasticity and flexibility and to reduce brittleness, which is terrible for the environment.

• Naturally derived – In our instance, it means a product that comes from natural sources.

• Biodegradable – A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and quickly. These products can be solids biodegrading into the soil and liquids biodegrading into the water.

• Cruelty-free – This is a label for products that are not tested on nor harm or kill animals. And we’re Cruelty-Free International Certified!

• PET 1 – Polyester Terephthalate – which is widely recycled and made of recycled plastic.

• PH-HD 2 – High-Density Polyethylene – which is widely recycled and made of recycled plastic.

• Formula/Formulation – All of the ingredients that go together to make the solution, be that liquid or solids.

• Maintenance solution – This refers to our products that maintain your appliances, pipework etc. and ultimately provides a solution to an ongoing problem you have or that occurs over-time (Preventing drain blockages or limescale build-up for example).

• Contains Enzymes – Means that our product is powered by enzymes and not from a caustic or corrosive material.

• HE – Highly Efficient. A machine that efficiently uses water & electricity for each individual wash.

Ecozone About us
Where to buy Ecozone
Ecozone About us
Ecozone About us