Cleaning Innovations for Your Home

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Cleaning Innovations for Your Home

While there are plenty of cleaning products out there, it takes a lot to be truly innovative. Put simply, innovation is defined as the development of a new thing or a new method of doing something. Many innovations are born out of the need for change and, in our case, we noticed the need for powerful cleaning products that were kind to the environment and decided to do something about it.

From our first innovations 25 years ago to our current product line-up, we’ve continued finding new ways of solving the problems associated with traditional household cleaners. Whether it’s our aquatic life safe formulas, plastic-free alternatives or home solutions that can be used again and again, we’re passionate about finding the eco-friendly solutions to common household problems.

In celebration of Innovation Day, and to celebrate our own successes throughout the years, let’s take a look at some of our favourite innovative products.

cleaning innovations


We couldn’t talk about our innovations and not mention Ecoballs. These were one of our first products and we’ve continued updating them since they launched over 20 years ago. Many of our founder’s family members were allergy sufferers, so the Ecoball was first created as a laundry alternative that is kinder to skin, using natural ingredients to lift dirt and freshen fabrics. Over the years, we’ve changed the design to make them easier to use and introduced new fragrances. All of these, including the classic fragrance-free option, are approved by Allergy UK.

Magnoball & Magnoloo

Limescale is a pain, particularly in hard water areas, and even though we have plenty of great products to get rid of it, we wondered if there was a way to limit how much it builds up in the first place. That was the thinking behind our Magnoball and Magnoloo, which can help show the effects of limescale removal over time. The neat innovations contain magnets that can crystalise calcium particles to soften water. The Magnoball is for washing machine and dishwasher cycles up to 60 degrees. The Magnoloo is for, you guessed it, the toilet. Just stack the two halves and pop them in the cistern.

cleaning innovations

Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks

Have you ever thought about what happens to the unblocking chemicals you pour down your drain? We did and that’s why we created our Drain Cleaning Sticks, which use natural enzymes and bacteria to break down food, soap and other organic matter to keep pipes clear and flowing. Unlike typical unblockers, they’re safe for aquatic life and non-caustic. This means they won’t do any damage to the environment or your pipes. In fact, we can say the same about our liquid unblockers too!

Self-Cleaning Floor Mop & Bucket

Despite being used to clean, mop heads are a great breeding ground for bacteria. Not only do they tend to be kept for a long time, but by reusing the same bucket of water throughout cleaning, we risk spreading germs around – the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve! With this in mind, we came up with our Self-Cleaning Mop & Bucket, which has separate compartments for clean and dirty water. It uses microfibre pads that can be washed after every use, making for a much more hygienic clean. The innovative drying mechanism also makes sure floors aren’t left soaking.


Tumble dryers are notorious for the amount of energy they use, but sometimes there just isn’t another option for drying your clothes. To cut down on drying time, we invented our Dryercubes. These ingenious, eco-friendly laundry balls are covered in bobbles that help them get between clothes while they’re drying, allowing air to whoosh around more easily and dry them faster. But that’s not all! They also help remove creases and soften fabrics. This means there’s no need to rely on disposable dryer sheets that contain harmful chemicals. The Dryercubes can be used again and again, cutting down your energy bill and your impact on the environment.

cleaning innovations

Forever Flush

Looking for a way to keep your toilet fresh and clean without having to constantly clean it? Not a fan of disposable toilet rim hangers? Well, our Forever Flush toilet blocks might just be for you! Encased in a fully recyclable jar, the Forever Flush sits discreetly in your toilet cistern. It lasts up to five months, gradually releasing a cleaning solution every time you flush. Safe for septic tanks, the non-toxic, biodegradable formula cleans, sanitises and descales – now that’s innovation!

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