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Ecoball Ecoball Pure Laundry Scent Washing Balls from Ecozone represent an innovative alternative to your usual laundry detergents, whether liquid or tablet. How do they work? It’s simple ; the secure spherical housing with a locking mechanism is filled with two types of small lozenges made from a mineral formula and other natural herbal cleaning agents. Just place Ecoball Pure Linen Scent Wash Balls in the washing machine with the laundry and voila! Easy ! The tablets then go to work, loosening the dirt from the fabrics and working to soften the water to ensure effective cleanliness. New to the range, these blue Ecoball wash balls have a wonderfully refreshing Pure Linen scent. Approved by Allergy UK,

To further add to their eco-friendly reputation, they clean efficiently at low temperatures and can be used without a rinse cycle, which will reduce water consumption and wash time.

  • Hypoallergénique & adaptée pour les peaux sensibles
  • Douce pour le tissu - convient au blanc et aux couleurs
  • Solution écologique qui peut économiser de l'eau et l'argent

Product code: CANEB2

  • vegan friendly

    vegan friendly

  • cruelty free

    cruelty free

  • eco friendly

    eco friendly

  • septic tank safe

    septic tank safe

  • aquatic life safe

    aquatic life safe

  • wheat free product

    wheat free product

  • allergy friendly


  • not tested on animals

    Non testé sur les animaux

  • vegan

    Sans composants d'origine animale

  • nature watch

    Pour le progrès du bien-être animal

1) Keep the button firmly pressed while turning to unscrew the wash ball. 2) Add a packet of brown granules and a packet of white granules in the ball and seal it. 3) Place your Ecoballs in the drum of the washing machine with your clothes. Wash on a short cycle without rinsing, and voila!

Ecozone Ltd assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this product.

Tensioactifs Anioniques, Carbonate de Sodium, Métasilicate de sodium, Carbonate de Calcium, Parfum.

Carton, PET, TPR et PP/15 % fibre de verre, papier.

Emballage – recyclable

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