Green Products Make A Clean Kitchen – Ecozones Dishwashing Range

Most of us hate doing the dishes, or just simply can’t wait for the task to be over, but it’s a chore needing to be done nonetheless.

We often buy the biggest bottle with the most known brand names as they’re sold to us with the words “value” “power” “tough”. Fair play! Who wouldn’t want the product we purchase to work and be tough on those hard to remove stains? But more than often we’re never really fed with the information that really should matter to us such as; clear ingredients, and how they can potentially damage our health and the environment.

Dishwashing solutions are one of the most common household products we come in to contact with on a daily basis, and most of us never bother with the washing up gloves either, meaning these solutions end up being absorbed right into our skin. We might even miss rinsing a few spots of bubbles and leave these sitting on the plates, which could be filled with tons of chemicals which we ultimately end up ingesting!

We’re sure your probably aware by now, but if not; at Ecozone we’re open and honest about what goes in to our products. They’re made with you and the planet in mind! We stay away from toxic chemicals and try our best to keep that clear to you.

Ecozone’s products in the dishwashing range are made with biodegradable, natural and plant-based ingredients only, so we can assure you we’re doing our part and helping you do yours in being kind to aquatic life, water supplies, septic tanks and the environment.

You can see our whole range of dish-washing products here.

Fact: Did you know; depending on how hard your water is, it can ultimately affect how many bubbles you get from your washing up liquid? Also, bubbles by no means, mean cleaner dishes!