The Complete Guide to Bin Cleaning

Bin cleaning guide

It’s likely that taking out the bins is one of your least favourite chores to do, but how often are you cleaning your bin? Bins can be the source of some of the worst smells in our home, and it makes taking out the rubbish even harder.

For a bin that smells and looks fresh, you should be doing it twice a week. If not, a multitude of dirt, bacteria and foul smells begin to build up. It’s said that if left for even 2 weeks, the bacteria can multiply by up to 600%.

This is concerning, especially when we consider how close proximity our kitchen bins are, for example, to where we prepare our food. Not to mention, touching an unclean kitchen bin while we cook, or a dirty vanity bin while we use the bathroom, can be bad for our health. It’s important to start making bin cleaning a part of your regular routine. But how do you do it?

Read on to find Ecozone’s complete bin cleaning guide, whether it be for your kitchen, vanity, compost, or outdoor wheelie bins.

Dirty, full bin

For a deep clean…

If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your bin, it’s probably time for a deep clean. Grab some rubber gloves to make it easier, and follow these steps:

  1. Empty the rubbish so you have a clean canvas. Our Oxo Biodegradable Bin Bags feature a drawstring top, which makes tying the bag and taking out the rubbish easier than ever.
  2. Give your bin a thorough spritz with our Anti-Bacterial Citrus Bin Cleaner Spray, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Make sure you spray all sides, both inside and outside. Our bin cleaner spray effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, including e. coli and MRSA
  3. If you can, hose off your bin outside. If you can’t, put it in your bath or shower and spray it down using your shower head or tap and some hot water.
  4. Finally, grab our Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth and use it to wipe down all your freshly washed surfaces and enjoy the fresh citrus scent. If your bin needs a tougher clean, try using a scourer, mop or even a broom to help with more stubborn dirt.

Deodorising your bin

For deodorising…

If there’s one thing about bins, it’s that they smell bad. If you’re looking to deodorise your bin in between cleans, a quick spritz of our Bin Cleaner Spray directly in your bin liner is a simple and effective way of getting rid of those nasty smells.

Build new habits

Cleaning your bin more often makes it a quicker chore. Start wiping your bin lid regularly with our Multi-Surface Wipes, and spray the inside down every time you take your rubbish out.

  1. Whenever you take the rubbish out, wipe up any moisture that might be on the bottom of your bin. Then, give it a quick spray and wipe with our Bin Cleaner Spray, and avoid having to do and nasty deep cleans
  2. Avoid overfilling your bin bags. A split bag just means more hassle and more dirt to clean up. Our Oxo Biodegradable Bin Liners come in three different sizes: 30L, 60L, and 90L, so whatever size your bin is and however much rubbish you might have, we have a bin bag that’s bin enough for the job. They’re even compatible with both recycling and general rubbish, tear resistant when wet, compatible and made from special oxo biodegradable materials that accelerates biodegradation in landfill

Top tip: line the bottom of your kitchen food bin with newspaper to absorb any moisture

Don’t forget the outside!

If your bin is made of matte stainless steel, give it a spray using our Kitchen Cleaner Spray and wipe down with our Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth.

Top tip: a drop of olive oil on a dry cloth will get rid of fingerprints and prevent new ones from appearing

For any other kind of bins, keep our antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes to hand. The biodegradable wipes are great for a quick and easy everyday clean.


Build Your Bin Cleaning Kit

Bin Cleaner Spray

Our #1 bin cleaning essential, this handy spray cleans and deodorizes indoor and outdoor bins with a refreshing citrus fragrance! Also available as a 2 litre refill.

Multi-Surface Wipes

Keep these to hand for a quick and easy clean, plus they’re biodegradable, antibacterial, and come in a refreshing cucumber and aloe vera scent.

Kitchen Cleaner Spray

If your bin is stainless steel, our Kitchen Cleaner Spray will make your bin sparkle and shine.

Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth

The perfect companion to our Bin Cleaner Spray, our Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth can be washed up to 300 times and can be used effectively both wet and dry.

Oxo Biodegradable Bin Liners

Available in 30, 60 and 90 litre sizes, our bin bags are made of a special oxo biodegradable material that is compatible with both trash and general recycling.

Compostable Caddy Liners

Tear resistant and 100% compostable, our caddy liners hold 10 litres of food waste and are made entirely from plant ingredients.